Somehow I still quite like this name 'choppy-writer', after all these years in advertising and communication industry and I even use it as my website name. Since the first time when my ECD, back to my old school time in Saatchi, told me “hey, dude, your English is really choppy!”, I immediately told myself “Aha, well.... how come you still understand what I am talking about?! Amazing!”... I guess since then the credit of being a pro 'choppy-writer' remains.

From a junior till a senior now, (hopefully not just the number of age changed) I still do believe in the power of words, the power of imagination beyond and the emotional engagement and excitement it brings.

Since we are living in a digital world, day by day, we keep on learning new things and I believe: To be a creative, a living creative, you have to be a student for life, everyday to humble yourself. It doesn't matter whether you are junior or you are a super star.

My motto is ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ - I do believe in this world the smart criticizes but the foolish creates.

Freelance Creative in Grey HK (01.2015 – 05.2015)
Mainly focused on the regional creative work for Pantene (P&G) and created and transcreated simplified Chinese copy.

Creative Director in O&M HK (08.2011 – 11.2014)
I joined O&M in 2011 and mainly focused on the creative idea generating / copywriting /production for Shangri-La Greater China (worldwide) and Rolex (China region including Taiwan & Hong Kong). The latest social campaign for Shangri-La Lhasa launch won bronze of Kam Fan Awards 2014. Shangri-La Jing’an social campaign won bronze of Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 and SMITTY Awards 2013.

Associate Creative Director in S&S HK (09.2006 - 08.2011)
During the years in S&S I was working on Pampers for P&G Greater China Region. Since 2009 I started to work on more regional cases for other brands such as Emirates and the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. Our Pampers ‘Golden Sleep’ campaign won Effie Awards in China market in 2008 and 2009.

Copy Director in McCann SH (1998 - 2004)
My career started in 1998 at McCann Erickson Shanghai as a Copywriter. During my 7-year stint he key clients I worked on included Grand Hyatt Shanghai, General Motors (Buick), Johnson & Johnson (Carefree & Acuvue) and Coca-Cola (Red) etc. A few works were nominated as shortlist of regional awards such as Asia-Pacific Times and China Advertising Awards.


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